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Martha Stewart Feeds Homeless New Yorkers with Bountiful Easter Feast Made From “1000-Lb. Sisters”

Martha Stewart is no stranger to controversy.

In 2004, she famously spent time in a federal prison camp after being convicted of felony charges for conspiracy, obstruction, and making false statements.

Now, the ex-con and cannabis connoisseur is cooking up some of the finest grub east of the Mississippi, serving massive plates of Amy and Tammy Slaton to New York's most poverty-stricken boroughs.

Starting in her home town of Bedford, Stewart spent Easter weekend personally dishing out 1000 lbs. of meaty arms, legs, breasts and back, all perfectly seasoned and roasted in an industrial-strength infrared oven designed to cook whole cows.

Stewart said she is currently negotiating a deal with Costco to offer her "1000-Lb. Sisters" line of fresh and frozen foods under the Kirkland Signature label.

"If sales keep increasing, there's no limit to what I can produce," said Stewart. "I'm currently wrestling with an recipe for Sticky Sumo Ribs that will knock you off your feet."

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