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Tonight Show Forgets to Program Jimmy Fallon and Now He Can Only Giggle Uncomfortably

Jimmy Fallon is known for breaking character on Saturday Night Live, but did you know he also hosts a late-night TV show? That's right, the former altar boy and college dropout broadcasts his incompetence every night on live television, somehow making simple conversation with noteworthy guests seem wildly uncomfortable.

Last night on The Tonight Show, 46-year-old Fallon sat down with world-renowned sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer to discuss sexual intimacy during covid-19. Fallon struggled to keep a straight face and continuously burst into laughter every time Dr. Ruth mentioned the word "penis". The host seemed visibly rattled and refused to stand up after the interview, claiming his foot fell asleep.

Plus, rising superstar and 16-year-old girl Millie Bobby Brown visited on the same night, which was basically a lawsuit waiting to happen. The Stranger Things actress said the appearance can be used as practice for when she goes on a real talk show.

Fallon also introduced an absurd new segment called "Psychic Intuition", where he received a strict cease and desist message from previous host Johnny Carson. Fallon seemed unfazed by the encounter and instead used the airtime to promote his new book, "JimBot: How to Configure Your SST-32 Internal Hard Drive for Ultimate Success in 2021".

After the show, Fallon is switched to sleep mode and kept in the supply closet until taping resumes.

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